Jazz vocalist representing Asia


Woongsan is the top jazz vocalist performing around Japan and South Korea. Her outstanding performance overwhelms audiences by her gorgeous appearance and low glamorous voice. She is highly acclaimed as a gifted musician who achieves perfect harmony in both artistic and public ways by critics and fans of music.

Woongsan is well known for her unique and warm-hearted tone with great soul of voice, which covers from sensitive ballads to strong beats of musics (Blues, Funky and Latin musics).

Woongsan was two awards winner for 'The Best Jazz Album' and 'The Best Jazz Song' by Korean Music Awards in 2008. In the same year, she was also selected as The Best Vocalist in Reader’s Poll, Korean Jazz Festival. As a result, she became the first korean jazz musician invited in Billboard Live and Blue Note; the best Japanese hall of fame in Japan. She has been inspired and strengthened her musical insight by collaborating with world leading musicians such as Lee Ritenour, Nathan East, John Beasly and Melvin Davis.

Her music, led her the first korean award winner for Golden Disc by Swing Journal, well established jazz magazine, which was a great opportunity to recognize her superior musical ability in 2010. In the following year, by Woongsan was picked in two categories, the grand prize for her album and the gold for her vocal, from ‘5th Jazz Audio Disc Awards'. Later, she released as a gift with her appreciation for her fans in Korea and Japan at the same time with her 6th regular album, on October, 2011. She has gained great reputations with her musical career in this field by winning the award for ‘The Runner Up Prize’ from ‘19th Japanese Professional Music Recording Awards’ with ; her title music and made by herself.

Woongsan never stops her challenge not only as a jazz vocalist but also a singer songwriter, a musical actress, and a MC of music show. She even tries crossover with Korean folk music and classical music with endless effort. Now, she dreams of brilliant flying to the greatest take-off beyond Asia, to the world.

  • 2018 - '2018 ASIA BEST AWARDS' Proud Korean Arts Achievement Award
  • 2017 - The 25th Korea Cultural Entertainment Award JAZZ Award
  • 2015 - Readers Poll Jazz magazine’s “2015 Best Vocalist” award
  • 2013 - Jazz Criticism’s “Jazz Disc Grand Prize” award
  • 2011 - Jazz Criticism’s “Jazz Disc Grand Prize” award
  • 2010 - Swing Journal’s “Gold Disc” award for her album Close Your Eyes
  • 2008 - Readers Poll magazine’s “Best Vocalist” award
  • 2008 - Korean Popular Music Awards’ “Best Jazz & Crossover Album” award
  • 2003 - MM Jazz’s “Best Musician” award
  • 2001 MM Jazz’s (jazz magazine), “Best Artist” award
  • 1993 MBC Korean Popular Music Festival’s “Best Singer” award
  • Sang Myung Graduate School, Technology Division, Associate Professor
  • Kyung Hee University, Department of Postmodernism, Vocal Professor
  • Apr 2004 - 1st album,Love Letters, released in both Korea and Japan
  • Sep 2005 - 2nd album,The Blues, released in Korea
  • Oct 2005 - 2ndalbuminJapan,Call Me, released in Japan
  • Oct 2007 - 3rd album, Yesterday, released in Korea
  • Dec 2008 - 4th album,Fall in Love, released in Korea
  • Dec 2008 - 3rd albuminJapan,Feel Like Making Love, released in Japan
  • Oct 2009 - Special “gift” album for fans, Miss Mister, released in Korea
  • Dec 2009 - 4th albuminJapan,Close Your Eyes, released in Japan
  • Mar 2010 - 5th album,Close Your Eyes, released in Korea
  • Oct 2011 - 6th album,Tomorrow, and special album, Once I Loved, released at once in Korea
  • Oct 2013 - 7th album, I love you, released in both Korea and Japan
  • Oct 2014 - The Best album ,released in Korea
  • Oct 2015 - 8th album, Temptation, in both Korea and Japan
  • Nov 2016 - Mini album of Woongsan 20th anniversary,Jazz is my life,released in Korea
  • Performed “Elegy” on soundtrack for Korean TV show, Kyungsung Scandal
  • Performed “I Think I Loved You” on soundtrack for Korean TV show, Mother, Sister
  • Performed song on soundtrack for Korean TV show, Jema Lee, the Sun
  • Performed “Destiny” on soundtrack for Korean TV show, Il Ji Mae
  • Performed “In the Mood” on soundtrack for Korean film, Who Slept With Her?
  • Performed “Pierro’s Mask” on soundtrack for Korean film, The Shadow Murder
  • Performed “Outrageous Love” on soundtrack for Korean TV show, Chuno
  • Performed “Love is Strong” on soundtrack for Korean TV show, Babel
  • Performed music for TV commercial of Korean makeup product, Etude
  • Performed her own song, “Yesterday,” for TV commercial of Arrabica (Korean coffee brand)
  • Performed music for TV commercial of Renault Samsung, “Sarangga”
  • Performed her own song, “I love you” for TV commercial of Rue-Kwave (Korean cosmetic brand)